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We Make It Simple

No one likes complications. This is how easy to get started:

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    1. Tell us the IT Staff you need

    Fill up our form and let us know what resources you need for your business. Our dedicated team will review and respond to you A.S.A.P.

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    2. Talk to our experts

    Once your requirements are reviewed, you can talk to our experts and discuss them in detail. No commitment. Set any time you want!

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    3. Meet your new team members

    We pull your new team members from our existing pool of talents. We stand by our promise. If you don’t love the team, we will refund you. No hard feelings!

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Why Choose Our QA Engineers?

Achieve impeccable software quality and reliability with our dedicated QA team, including Software Test Engineers and Quality Assurance Specialists.

List Icon Technical Expertise

Strong understanding of software development life cycle and testing methodologies.

List Icon Strong Analytical skills

Capability to analyze intricate systems and detect potential issues or bugs

List Icon Attention to Detail

We prioritize precision and meticulousness, ensuring every aspect of your software is thoroughly tested for quality.

List Icon Comprehensive Testing Services

Our QA engineers specialize in both manual and automated testing, covering all aspects of software quality assurance.

List Icon Adaptive Testing Strategies

Our team adapts testing methodologies to fit the specific requirements of your project, ensuring optimal results.

List Icon Excellent Communication Skills

Our QA Engineers possess proficient English communication skills, facilitating effective interaction with developers, project managers, and other stakeholders.

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Dev Partners’ QA Expertise

We take pride in consistently delivering the right skills and expertise to our clients in roles such as QA Engineer, Software QA Engineer, and QA Automation Engineer.

List Icon Unit Testing

Ensures that individual components or units of the software function correctly and meet specified requirements.

List Icon Integration Testing

Evaluates interactions between integrated components to verify seamless functioning.

List Icon Functional Testing

Verifies that the software'''s features and user interfaces align with specified functional requirements.

List Icon System Testing

Assesses the entire software system to ensure it meets overall specified requirements.

List Icon Acceptance Testing

Confirms that the software meets user expectations and requirements, in collaboration with users.

List Icon Regression Testing

Ensures that code changes do not introduce defects or impact existing functionality.

List Icon Performance Testing

Assesses software responsiveness, speed, and overall performance to identify and address issues.

List Icon Security Testing

Identifies vulnerabilities and ensures the protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access.

List Icon Usability Testing

Evaluates user interface and experience to enhance software usability.

List Icon Compatibility Testing

Verifies software functionality across different environments, operating systems, browsers, and devices.

List Icon Smoke Testing

Quickly checks basic functionalities to identify major issues at the early stage of testing.

List Icon Exploratory Testing

Leverages creativity and intuition to uncover defects without predefined test cases, contributing to comprehensive testing efforts.

Our Numbers

As a remote-first company, we built and expanded our team with effective processes to keep our tech talents engaged and be the perfect fit for companies looking to start, build, and expand their tech team.

Hours worked & counting


Hours worked & counting

Available tech staff


Available tech staff

Satisfied clients


Satisfied clients

Industry experience

7 Years

Industry experience

How We Work

At Dev Partners, we offer top-notch IT staff through our staff augmentation services, giving you complete control and direct management of your team with full HR support. Our approach is a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for businesses.

Person on Computer
Understanding your needs
Understanding Your Needs
Your unique needs guide our process. We dive deep to understand your specific requirements for optimal staff augmentation.
Understanding your needs
Selecting the Best
We present the cream of the crop from our vetted tech talents, ensuring you get skilled, goal-oriented individuals for your team.
Understanding your needs
Easy Onboarding
We streamline the onboarding process for your chosen talent, handling all HR needs so you can focus on your core business.
Understanding your needs
Transparent Pricing
With Dev Partners, what you see is what you get. We charge only hourly rates, with absolutely no recruitment or hidden fees.
Understanding your needs
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We stand ready to offer free replacements if you’re not fully satisfied.

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Our Model and Costs

We specialize in augmenting and scaling development teams for businesses with established technical leadership. We focus on providing dedicated software testers for direct collaboration, rather than engaging in project outsourcing or fixed-cost projects.

What Dev Partners take care of:



We will match you with a skilled professional who can seamlessly integrate into your existing team or become part of a new team we build specifically for your needs.



We will ensure that your team member is paid, and any applicable governmental obligations are all taken care of.



Our training team ensures continuous upskilling of our team members. We ensure they are equipped with current industry knowledge and practices.

IT Equipment / Software

IT Equipment / Software

We will provide our team members with all equipment and software they need to complete the job.

HR Management

HR Management

We will take care of any HR issues with your team members, including sick leaves, annual performance reviews, etc.

Rewards and growth

Rewards and growth

We will ensure that team members are rewarded for great work, and motivated to grow in their delivery.

What clients take care of:



Our teams collaborate with clients who already have strong governance processes in place and can extend those practices to an extended team in the Philippines. We will ensure that your existing protocols are followed and adhered to without compromise.

Product / Project Management

Product / Project Management

We work with clients who have an existing product or project management infrastructure and are looking to extend their teams.

Technology Stack Decisions

Technology Stack Decisions

We rely on you to make choices around your technology stack. We will then build you a suitable team based on your needs.

Timeframes / Funding

Timeframes / Funding

You will determine your own funding or timeframe decisions. Based on this, we will provide you with the resources you need to complete your goals.

Skilled People

Hire from 10k+ Fully-Vetted Tech Professionals in the Philippines

We take pride in curating a team of top-notch software developers who excel at turning ideas into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What qualifications do your QA Engineers have?

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What tech stack do your QA Engineers use?

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How do you ensure the quality of your QA Engineers?

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Can I interview and select the software developers before hiring them?

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Do I have full control over my QA Tester team member/s?

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How does your team communicate with clients?

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What is your pricing model for QA Engineering services?

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How can I start working with your QA team?